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Recent work

I paint in oils, mostly on canvas board. My subjects vary from simple still lives to scenes which include figures and I also enjoy painting buildings and interiors. On this page are examples of my work going back over the last seven years which reflect my changing interests and continually developing style.

Towards the end of 2022 I joined a life drawing class and I've added one or two quick sketches to the charcoal drawings section. This year I've also been painting more still lives from observation rather than edited images. These are included in the Recent works section above.

I'm a member of the Cambridge Drawing Society and exhibit my work at their autumn and spring exhibitions. For me painting is primarily a recreation but I do sell my paintings and will take on commissions if asked. 

Under the description of each painting I have noted whether or not it has been sold or unavailable. Prices on request.

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Charcoal drawings

Below are some of my quick drawings in charcoal and pencil.